Samsung stung by Galaxy SII sales ban in Europe

While Apple and Samsung’s tablet patent war reaches past the stratosphere, a war over its smartphones is breaking out down on terra firma.

This is because Apple has managed to throw the shackles on the selling of part of Samsung’s smartphone range, with a preliminary injunction in a Dutch court today.

Apple reckons that Samsung has been breaching three of its patents with its Galaxy Ace, S, multimillion selling SII. And unfortunately for Samsung a court in he Hague agreed that it had once again been pilfering Apple’s designs, this time stepping on the toes of the market leading iPhone.

The injunction will apply in Holland, writes Reuters, and any other countries where the specific patents have been registered, and so will be banned from selling its phones.  A host of countries such in the UK and Ireland, Germany and Sweden will not be hit by the ban.

The good news for Samsung is that the ruling has no bearing on the overall case. The bad news is that the Korean firm cannot challenge the injunction which will come into effect seven weeks and a day after Samsung acknowledges it.

Samsung will be pleased that there is only one of the patents which the court ruled on, and this was not one that was specific to its physical design. This should stop Samsung from having a root around in its old sci-fi DVD collection to find any example of iPhone like objects to compare it to.

In fact it relates to the way that photos are displayed on the device, so it is possible that Samsung could release an update.

According to patent whizz Florian Mueller of FOSSPatents, the ruling will not affect any further devices that are coming out, so should mean that forthcoming low end samrtphones from Samsung get the all clear.