Samsung stamps down on smokers

Samsung is considering making its workplaces non-smoking areas.

The company may have a fight on its hands with as one source put it to TechEye: Most of the Samsung execs “smoke like chimneys”.

The Korean giant has said it may begin to reward non-smoking entry-level job applicants extra marks, which could give them the potential to land a job with the company.

According to the Joongang Daily, the moves are a way to “promote a nonsmoking culture at the workplace to a level in other developed economies,”

It quoted a Samsung spokesman as claiming: “Good health conditions of employees is the top competitive edge of the firm.”

Not only will smokers have trouble getting their CVs through the door, Samsung is also considering testing new recruits’ urine and hair samples.

Samsung sent out an internal email earlier this month to employees at its device-solution division informing them that smokers will be discriminated against when it came to executive promotions. It has also decided to target its workers and garnered the signatures of 35,000 smoking employees pledging to quit.  

Last year, its Suwon operation was also designated as a “mandatory smoke-free zone.”