Samsung Siemens LED patent skirmish continues

More patent infringement bellowing. Samsung and Osram are keeping up the good fight – with Samsung announcing that it is going to town against the Siemens subsidiary about its LED technology.

There are eight patents in question which relate to LED and packaging technology used in stuff like headlights, says Bloomberg.

Osram had previously filed complaints against Samsung in both the US and its native Germany, which the South Korean electronics powerhouse swiftly denied.

Osram also filed lawsuits against LG earlier this month. According to patent expert Florian Mueller, the countersuing won’t end any time soon.

“There’s lots of companies in these kind of disputes which they have to sort out,” he tells us.

“Countersuing back and forth will continue and I’m not concerned about this, as far as this goes it’s business as usual.”

A worrying aspect to the lawsuits lies in Asian and Korean companies countersuing in their own countries, even if the original complaints were raised in the West. It brings up questions about international trade and whether the companies feel that they can do better in their own countries, Mueller says.

“That’s not to say that courts are biased, but how independent courts are in every country is questionable.

“It looks like this particular case was kicked off by Siemens to push the investment of Osram up,” says Mueller.