Samsung needs to pull its socks up

SamsungSamsung Chief Executive Kwon Oh-hyun has admitted that the outfit needs to pull its socks up in the wake of the costly withdrawal of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone.

Although he didn’t mention the not-so-magnificent 7s, Kwon said in a statement Samsung employees should look back and ask whether they had been complacent in their work.

“We have a long history of overcoming crises. Let us use this crisis as a chance to make another leap by re-examining and thoroughly improving how we work, how we think about innovation and our perspective of our customers.”

At the moment, the company is drawing up a cunning plan to recover quickly from the withdrawal of the fire-prone Note 7 in October. But the fiasco raised concerns about Samsung’s quality control systems. So far no one at the firm has been publicly held responsible or been made to clean out their desk and be escorted from the building.

It is widely believed that the incident shows up problems within the huge multi-national caused mostly by its size, which had been seen in the fact that its bottom line has not been particularly great and the fact its phones are not doing as well as they should.

At the end of last year, Gartner’s research director, Roberta Cozza, said that Samsung will be able to fend off Apple and rising Chinese vendors with “a solid ecosystem of apps, content and services unique to Samsung devices that Samsung can secure more loyalty and longer-term differentiation at the high end of the market.”
So far it has not managed this feat.