Samsung managers arrested for suspected negligent homicide

Three Samsung managers have been arrested for suspected negligent homicide, following the company being embroiled in investigations after a hydrofluoric gas leak at one of its plants in  Hwaseong, Korea, killed one worker and injured four more. 

At the time, the company came under fire for failing to report the incident until the worker was pronounced dead in hospital a few hours later as a result of gas the exposure of the gas. It was fined a paltry amount for its wrongdoings, and probably assumed that was the end of it.

However, the authorities believed Samsung failed to cooperate with the investigation, claiming that the company was holding back data and CCTV tapes.

A week later they announced that further research into the incident had found hydrofluoric acid was leaked outside of the chip plant.

After viewing CCTV footage taken inside the Central Chemical Supply System (CCSS), the authorities said they had spied four maintenance crew members from the plant discharging hydrofluoric acid using a huge ventilator inside the CCSS, they said, despite Samsung’s earlier claims that the situation had been contained.

Police now claim that the source of the leak was as a result of the deterioration of rubber seals on the gas container valves and corroded bolts. As a result, the three managers could face charges of negligent homicide.