Samsung hires David Beckham

Samsung, which clearly has money burning a hole in its pocket, has proudly announced that David Beckham will be its “global brand ambassador for the London 2012 Olympic Games”.

As part of his very, very important role, Golden Balls “will play a key part in raising awareness of Samsung’s sponsorship of London 2012 as a Worldwide Olympic Partner.”

We assume this means he’ll be given some media training and possibly a Samsung-sponsored script about how great the company is. 

Beckham’s clearly the man for the job because he once advertised an electric razor and Sharpies. Samsung boasts about how it and its new mate share “a great number of common values ranging from their mutual commitment to youth and their continuing efforts to encourage more people to participate in sports.”

Samsung once paid marketing agency Starcom a lot of money to litter the Galaxy S all over “Sports Magazine” so we guess that’s the link.

It points out David was born in Leytonstone – only a single tube stop from the London 2012 Olympic Park – and played football in the streets and parks of the area as a boy. Leytonstone is where most residents today will be sick of all the development and unlikely to attend the event built in their back gardens.

Celebrity endorsements are no new thing but they’ve certainly been cropping up often in technology lately. Last month, Sony Ericsson got Tinchy Stryder to talk to a party about the Xperia Play, while Intel appointed Black Eyed Peas’ uncharismatic frontman as a director.