Samsung gets into car industry a bit late

accidentcarinwashingtondcSamsung is joining nearly every IT company out there which is desperate to get into making electronics for intelligent cars.

Samsung has announced it will begin manufacturing electronics parts for the automotive industry, with a specific focus on autonomous vehicles.

The South Korean electronics giant is later than the rest of the industry in getting excited about autonomous vehicles.

In October, General Motors announced a strategic partnership with South Korea’s LG Electronics. LG will supply a majority of the key components for GM’s upcoming electric vehicle (EV), the Chevrolet Bolt. LG has also been building computer modules for GM’s OnStar telecommunications system for years.

Apple and Google have also developed APIs that are slowly being embedded by automakers to allow smartphones to natively connect and display their infotainment screens. Those APIs led to the rollout in several vehicles this year of Apple’s CarPlay and Android Auto.

Samsung and its tech affiliates are playing catch up for research and development for auto technology, with two-thirds of their combined 1,804 U.S. patent filings since 2010 related to electric vehicles and electric components for cars.

Samsung Electronics revealed its push into the automotive space during its annual structural reorganisation in order to “pre-emptively respond to business uncertainties”.

Initially, Samsung’s automotive components team will focus on building electronics for infotainment and autonomous driving vehicles.