Samsung family inheritance row becomes more bitter, twisted

The Samsung family feud has escalated with both sides increasing their war of words.

The family is locked in a row over inheritance with Samsung Chairman Lee Kun-hee being targeted by other members of the clan who want money that they claim is rightfully theirs.

In what wouldn’t look out of place in the Queen Vic or the Rovers Return, the rowing  has taken on new heights with Lee Maeng-hee the older brother of Kun-hee slamming the chairman for calling him “greedy.”

The criticism follows a statement made by Kun-hee yesterday morning where he also told reporters outside the Samsung headquarters that his brother had been “kicked out of our family a long time ago.”

And he carried on throwing the punches claiming: “You seem to think that Maeng-hee has the same status as me, but that is hugely mistaken. 

“He is the one who sued me 30 years ago and turned our father in to President Park Chung Hee to put him in jail.”

Maeng-hee is said to be the first son of the late Samsung founder Lee Byung-chull, however, the Chairman also suggested that this wasn’t the case, claiming: “[Maeng-hee] claims he is the first son of the family but none from our family, including me, has thought so.

“I have never seen him appear at the regular ancestral rites.”

And he also had a few choice words for his sister Lee Sook-hee, who is also suing the chairman for her claimed inheritance, claiming she was a loved member of the family before she married a member of the Gumsung clan, which controls rival LG.