Samsung employee claimed to have stalked CJ Group chair

An employee of Samsung C&T has been hauled in front of South Korean police after claims that he was stalking the chief of rival company CJ Group.

The claimed illegal surveillance – or the serious case of paranoia – was said to be as a result of a building family feud regarding inheritances at Samsung.

The Samsung employee known mysteriously and only as “Mr Kim” was accused last month of donning the dark clothes and binoculars – or more boringly – spotted on CCTV driving different cars around CJ Group chairman Lee Jae-hyun’s home.  This “stalking” was claimed to have put the chairman off official duties.

Apparently Mr Kim decided to take surveillance action after Jae-hyun’s father filed an inheritance suit against the chief of Samsung Group, Lee Kun-hee.

In the suit filed in mid-February, Jae-hyun’s pa, Lee Maeng-hee, who is the elder brother of the Samsung chief, demanded that he was given back a large amount of stocks, which he claimed Kun-hee had slyly stashed into his assets.

Lee Maeng-hee claimed that the Samsung head had managed to do this through acquiring 8.2 million shares of Samsung Life Insurance, worth more than $627 million (700 billion won), by putting them into a “borrowed name”.

However, it could be a case of Mr Lee Jae-hyun needing a large tin foil hat with Samsung head bods claiming that they knew nothing about the claimed stalking.