Samsung denies rumours of Nokia buyout

Samsung has once again denied that it has an interest in buying Nokia.

The company issued a statement claiming reports that it was to by the flagging company were “purely speculative” and “not true”.

According to Reuters, Samsung’s reported interest saw Nokia shares shoot up six percent on Friday. However, since Samsung’s denial they have now fallen two percent.  

This isn’t the first time it has been forced to deny such rumours. The Next Web reports that around the same time last year, an almost identical story surfaced. At the time, analysts rallied to claim that the rumoured acquisition would place Samsung as a top Windows Phone provider, but these predictions never came into fruition.

The other candidate frequently at the end of finger-pointing is Microsoft. Back in January this year, analyst Eldar Murtazin told Twitter that he had inside information on a Microsoft/Nokia deal.

At the time he claimed Steve Ballmer would meet with suspected stooge Stephen Elop to finalise the transaction, reports both companies moved to deny. Cynics have maintained that Microsoft is more likely to bleed what it can out of the partner while rallying support for Windows Phone.