Samsung denies killing staff

South Korea’s Samsung has rejected a court ruling that stated that conditions in one of its chip production plants resulted in two of its staff dying of leukaemia .

Despite a judge banging a hammer on his desk, Samsung is standing by a study which claimed its manufacturing operations were “well within industry standards”.

The fact that the study was commissioned by Samsung, does not discount it, the tech giant said. Even if it paid for the favourable result itself, the report was written by a genuine scientist and had a staple at the right angle and everything.

According to the local press the report showed no link between workplace exposure to chemicals and six former workers diagnosed with leukaemia, so in Samsung’s view it must be true.

However the Seoul Administrative Court disagrees with the boffin and said it is logical to assume that, certainly in the case of two of the workers, exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation may have triggered or expedited the disease.

Families of the two, along with four other ex-Samsung workers diagnosed with leukaemia, last year filed a suit against a state welfare fund, calling for compensation for those suffering from work related disease.

It is not clear what Samsung will do next. It seems that it will be preparing some sort of appeal against the court ruling.