Samsung delays Galaxy Nexus for Jobs

Samsung has announced that it will be pushing back the launch of its Nexus Prime smartphone as a touching tribute to Steve Jobs.

The Korean company, at odds with Apple in a vicious patent war, was expected to release its latest Android Galaxy phone on Tuesday.

A statement read that Samsung didn’t think it appropriate to release a product in the wake of the former Apple CEO’s death. However, surely even the most hardy Apple cultists would hesitate to begrudge a rival carrying on with business. 

Samsung and Apple often enjoyed a close relationship, though the two have been at each other’s throats in a patent dispute over a range of mobile devices. 

A cynic would suggest it’s not hard to get the impression Samsung is, at worst, cynically riding on the coattails of Jobs’ passing, and at best meekly pandering to his deification as seen in some parts of the press.

There is currently no word on when the device, which will be the first to feature the long awaited Ice Cream Sandwich, will appear.