Samsung concludes mysterious cancer deaths investigation

Samsung has been accused of accidentally killing off employees in its chip making factories for years now by using toxic materials, and has finally concluded investigations.

The company, reports The India Times, has had plenty of kicks up the rear by social and civic groups, demanding that the chip giant at least takes some responsibility for mysterious bouts of leukemia or lymphoma after working at factories. 22 of its employees had been diagnosed between 1998 and 2010, ten of whom died.

Cho Soo-in, Samsung top dog who has been there since the 80s, said in a statement that he and the company are ‘deeply sorry’ about the loss of loved ones. However, he also said epidemiologic investigations failed to show any signs of radiation leaks and concluded that there were no underlying problems at Samsung plants.

The allegedly dodgy chip production lines where the employees fell ill are still running, now as chip test lines and light emitting diode production lines.