Samsung chairman gives FTC obstruction officials a dressing down

Samsung’s chairman looks like he is furious with the execs who allegedly purposely blocked a Fair Trade Commission investigation and cost the company $355,000 (400 million won) in fines.

Lee Kun-hee has now said that he and his trusted aides will devise plans to prevent an incident such as this happening again.

Following a week of meetings, a spokesperson for Samsung said in a statement that the chairman was “in fury over the incident” and that there was “a strong reprimand” for the executives involved.

The company was slapped with a record fine earlier this week after head honchos at the Suwon site in Gyeonggi were found to have purposely interfered with an FTC investigation into mobile phone price rigging.

Security guards at the building were allegedly ordered to block FTC officials from entering, while employees upstairs reportedly worked to hide data and any incriminating evidence before scarpering out of the building unseen. The one employee left also refused to answer any questions. 

Although those involved have now admitted that what they did was wrong, the powers above aren’t so easily appeased and are apparently in the process of deciding the severity of disciplinary action.

“Some must be wrongfully thinking that interfering with the investigation must be an act practiced for the company,” a spokesperson told The Korea Herald.

He also said the company wouldn’t tolerate employees who violated legal and ethical standards despite how high up they were.

Following the dressing downs those involved have reportedly hung their heads in shame but we doubt that will be enough to spare them the chairman’s ire.