Samsung boss out of coma

Samsung supremo Lee Kun-hee has woken up from his coma, a fortnight after he suffered a heart attack after his family made a bit of noise in his sick room.

Apparently bored family members were watching a baseball game while visiting, and were “making noise” when Samsung Lions hitter Lee Seung-yeop hit a home run. This woke Lee up from his coma which should indicate they made a bit of noise.

Lee has been under treatment at the Samsung Medical Centre in southern Seoul, where he had initially been treated in intensive care before being shifted to a ward.

The hospital says the prognosis for his cognitive functions is “hopeful.”

The 72 year old was hospitalised on May 11. He has limited involvement with the firm these days, and the Korea Herald reports that the company’s share price has risen on expectations that it will expedite “managerial succession to Lee’s children.”

This means that Lee Jay-yong, Lee’s only son, would find himself in charge of an industrial giant which represents a quarter of South Korea’s GDP.