Samsung advertises with pirates

Samsung has been outed as one of the top advertisers on one of the Ukraine’s largest file-sharing sites.

Big Content groups have formed an initiative called “Clear Sky” in Ukraine, which seems to be focused on naming and shaming the advertising antics of Samsung, Nokia, Canon, Carlsberg and Coca Cola.

According to Torrent Freak, Clear Sky sees funding of P2P sites by well-known international brands as a major problem.

The Ukraine has been branded by the US as one of the top piracy havens in the world, and in a bid to “counter this image” local big content groups set up Clear Sky.

The coalition’s goal is to find ways to combat online piracy. Stage one is naming and shaming international companies who advertise with pirates. and have millions of visitors per week and generate a healthy revenue stream through ads, some of which are paid by global companies.

Nearly 10 percent of all ads on the two file-sharing sites are financed by well-known international brands. Nearly half of all those ads come from Samsung.

A big chunk of Samsung’s advertising budget in the Ukraine goes to the two file-sharing sites according to the report.

We had a look at both sites this morning to look for a screenshot and found them rather short on adverts. We guess it was just a bad day.