Samsung acid spill leaked into the environment

Samsung is being investigated after it was found that acid at one of its plants could have been discharged out into the environment.

The company may have thought it was finished with the news when it was ordered to pay a paltry fine for a fatal gas explosion last month, however, the karmic gods have now revealed that the company faces a punishment far greater after it was found acid was discharged from the plant.

Last month the company was slapped with a fine of $923 (1 million won) after it delayed reporting an acid gas leak at its semiconductor plant in Hwaseong, 60 kilometres south of Seoul, where one worker was killed and four were injured. 

At the time investigators also pulled up the company claiming that it hadn’t been very helpful in providing CCTV footage and relevant data that would help them make sense of the situation.  

Yonhap News now claims that the police found hydrofluoric acid was leaked outside of the chip plant after viewing CCTV footage taken inside the Central Chemical Supply System (CCSS).

Around four maintenance crew members from the plant were caught on camera discharging hydrofluoric acid using a huge ventilator inside the CCSS, they said, despite Samsung’s earlier claims that the situation had been contained.

The company is now been scrutinised further while the authorities decide whether it broke the Clean Air Conservation Act.