Sales of optical interface modules swell in 2010

The telco and data communications networks industry spent over $2.5 billion on optical interface modules in 2010 – a 30 percent increase on the year before. 10 Gbps SFP+ and DWDM modules boosted sales, while WSS modules for use in ROADMS and tunable lasers found 34 and 14 percent respective growth. 

The ailing economy began its recovery in the second half of 2009. Ethernet and Fiber Channel tranceivers increased from then at up to 30 percent each quarter. Sales slowed in the second quarter of 2010 but picked up the pace in Q3 and Q4. Newer products such as 8 Gbps tranceivers grew by roughly 60 percent in 2010 overall.

LightCounting’s market update report suggests 2010 was a strong year for optical tranceivers. It’s expected 2011 will see continued growth but not quite as much – the enterprise and storage networking segments will be moderate, says CEO Vladimir Kozlov. 

The DWDM market grew by almost half – 40 percent in the year because of good sales on fixed wavelength and tunable 10 Gbps XFP tranceivers. Meanwhile sales of SONET/SDH tranceivers saw an increase of about 30 percent, thanks to strong sales growth of 160 percent of the OC-768 modules.