Sainsbury’s borrows Amazon Prime now idea

jamie-sainsbury-twatSainsbury’s is trialling a one hour home delivery service that is similar in concept to Amazon’s ‘Prime Now.’

Sainsbury’s is testing its new service, called ‘Chop Chop’, in Wandsworth which will have a delivery fee of £4.99.

Customers living within three kilometres of its Wandsworth store can order up to 20 Sainsbury’s products for delivery to their home within an hour, using an app on Apple devices.  Of course this means that people with proper phones will not be able to take part, and the target market will have to ask a responsible adult if they can actually use their shiny toy to buy food.

Sainsbury’s Chief Executive Mike Coupe says he could see potential demand for the provision of a basket of food on a very short time scale.

He noted that Sainsbury’s has the nationwide store network, with large fresh food ranges in all of them, and the online retail knowledge, to provide such a service if the market develops.

Amazon launched Prime Now in London a year ago and it is now available to more than 30 percent of the UK population.

The mobile app is available to Prime members and offers one-hour delivery on more than 15,000 items for 6.99 pounds, or delivery at no extra charge within a choice of two-hour, same-day delivery slots.

Items available include essentials such as fresh milk, nappies, coffee and chocolate, as well as games consoles, toys, gifts and sports equipment.

Amazon also launched a British version of its U.S. AmazonFresh food delivery service, stepping up the pressure on the traditional big supermarkets.