Rupert Murdoch makes White House pay through the nose

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch, desperate to make cash after his media empire flounders thanks to the rise of the world wide wibble, has jacked up the bill that the White House has to pay for the Wall Street Journal to $600,000.

According to Politico It is the second cunning plan that Digger has had to make money from the Journal. The other was to stick everything behind a paywall and make people pay for what they can get for free off the Internet.

An administration official said that the White House was not going to waste $500,000 on the Wall Street Journal. The money comes from taxes.

For 10 years,  Democratic and Republican administrations alike have paid a small Virginia-based media company $100,000 or more each year to prepare customised packages of excerpts from print, TV, radio and blogs.

These searches are labour-intensive searches,. The Journal has always been part of the package and now Rupert wants $600,000 to be included in it .

The move is apparently not a slight to the Obama administration. Digger is a bit worried about losing lots of money on his traditional newspaper empire. With the rise of the worldwide wibble, no one wants to buy hard copy newspapers any more. His jacked up bills are being sent to all clipping services.

Some believe that it is all part of a cunning plan to knife the White House’s clipping service and deal directly with Digger’s own clipping service.

If you can’t make money out of flogging papers, it is a good idea to peddle media intelligence services.