Rioters rob the enterprise

One of Sony’s warehouses burnt down in Enfield last night. The police are treating it as suspicious. But rioters looking to fill their trollies with Playstations will have been disappointed when they got inside.

It’s likely that rioters expected to find a warehouse by the group which looks after flooding the market with expensive gaming machines that leak all of your data.

Instead, the distribution centre was part of Sony DADC. Not heard of it? From Sony DADC’s website: “Sony DADC is a leading disc and digital solution provider for the entertainment, education and information industries, offering world-class optical media replication services, digital and physical supply chain solutions and software services.”


The Solar Way, Enfield warehouse also worked closely with PIAS, which according to Logistics Manager, distributes music for small labels in the UK and Ireland. 

Both Sony DADC and PIAS are looking at other options for reaching businesses and the channel. 

It’s still a kick in the teeth for Sony. The centre is the heart of Sony DADC’s operations in the United Kingdom. The fire at the centre was put out by this morning but it’s completely ruined. Somewhere today a shop keeper is without inventory management. Luckily, in parts of Inner London, inventory management software might not be at the top of the agenda anyway.