Rimini Street sues Oracle

Rimini Street, the third-party provider of enterprise software for Siebel, JD Edwards, SAP licensees and others, has announced today that it will be sueing Oracle over unfair competition, copyright misuse and defamation.

In a statement released today, Rimini Street claims that it is Oracle’s primary competition – and that Oracle has had a long history of trying to stifle it as a company. “Oracle and its predecessors began a systematic campaign to disrupt and halt Rimini Street’s business since the inception of the company in 2005,” claims Rimini Street. At launch, Rimini Street claims that Oracle sent a string of hostile letters.

Come June 2007 and Rimini Street says that Oracle had interfered with authorised work on behalf of Rimini Street clients by changing its website usage turns. In 2008, the company claims Oracle had intentionally blocked Rimini Street IP addresses and interfered with further authorised work. This year, Oracle “once again escalated its anticompetitive tactics, this time through litigation,” claims Rimini Street. A “baseless lawsuit” was filed, and Rimini Street says its offers for dialogue were repeatedly ignored.

Rimini Street denies any accusations made against it by Larry’s Lot, saying in today’s statement that it has “implemented extraordinary processes and procedures to assure the proper use of Oracle’s intellectual property.” The company says that each of its clients authorises Rimini Street to perform work on its behalf, and that it only delivers Oracle software and support to clients who are entitled to receive the material.

On Rimini Street’s homepage, it proudly boasts in a large type face the word “independence.” You can view the full statement here.