RIM memo reveals mobile disaster

A senior executive at RIM has allegedly anonymously aired frustration about the way the company is run, its top level management and CEOs, and where it is going. Without change, that’s nowhere.

“I have lost confidence,” opens the letter. “While I hide it at work, my passion has been sapped. I know I am not alone.” The letter urges the dual CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike ‘The Diva’ Lazaridis on eight key points.

Firstly, the anonymous employee tries to tell the top brass that RIM has its end user experience completely screwed up. As other internal memos from the mobile industry must have said in times of crisis, Apple is the model to go for. Apple’s end product operates with the knowledge that people don’t care about decisions based on “strategic alignment, partner requests or even legal advice.” 

The letter reveals that the culture of RIM has been to “constantly” mock both the iOS and Android platforms. No wonder the company’s in trouble: according to the letter, senior decision makers, engineers and executives are barely familiar with the products the rest of the world likes.
RIM’s marketing is a point of failure, according to the exec. We’d have to agree.

He asserts that using Flash compatibility as a unique selling point on a tablet is absurd – people barely know flash out in TV land, but that hasn’t stopped it from creeping into advertising on the telly. 

There is a culture of pride at RIM. The letter says the despotism at RIM has to stop, and both Mike and Jim need to step down. “There is no shame in longer being a CEO, Mike,” it says, “you could focus on innovation.”

“Jim, you could focus on our carriers and customers… They are our lifeblood.”

We’re not convinced the letter’s a genuine internal leak from RIM. At the same time, it could be argued that the listed points are worth listening to. On the other hand, you could argue RIM is in the wrong race to compete against Apple and Google – a genuine corporate, not consumer focus would be a better money spinner than the muddled entity it is now. 

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