RIM executives flee as sell off rumours fly

Suits are fleeing BlackBerry maker Research In Motion as if there was a Dr Who style monster loose in the building which only ate people wearing ties.

Sources inside the company claim that the senior managers have left amid a broad review of the company’s strategic options. Our guess is that some of them might have seen the writing on the wall, think the company is about to be sold and cleaned out their desks early. So says the WSJ, here.

New Chief Executive Thorsten (Beans Make) Heins said the company would undertake a “comprehensive review of strategic opportunities” after reporting quarterly results and it seems that things are all in a panic. RIM is in real trouble as its market share shrinks more than Sigmond Frued going for the Guinness World Record for psychotherapy.

RIMS chief technology officer and chief operating officer has left its former co-chief executive, Jim Balsillie, had stepped down from the company’s board. He and former co-chief Mike Lazaridis relinquished their executive roles in January, handing the reins to Heins.

Toronto-based Alistair Mitchell, a vice president for RIM’s BlackBerry Messenger instant-messaging platform, has gone too.

San Francisco-based Alan Brenner, a senior vice president for the BlackBerry platform, has announced that he is leaving the company after a transition period.

There are rumours of further job cuts too as the company’s subscriber growth rate from the previous quarter also hit an all-time low of 3 per cent.

Heins would be grateful if the executives could keep their seats for a little while longer. He is trying to make everything look nice for the the rollout of RIM’s next-generation BlackBerry smartphone and operating system, called BlackBerry 10, planned for later this year. If that product does not work the company really could melt down completely.