RIM competes with Google in Nortel patent buyout

Google could have a contender for the proposed buyout of Nortel’s wireless technology patents.

It seems that RIM is considering battling it out with the company and may attempt to top its $900 million bid for these patents.

Bloomberg reported that RIM is considering whether to bid alone for the assets or to find a partner to save money and and stop Google from getting its hands on the 6,000 wireless and wired patents Nortel is selling off.

Google started its bidding war earlier this month when Nortel announced that it would be selling these as part of its bankruptcy filing.

The company at the time said it would use the patents to give it an edge over other smartphone providers.

It said at the time it had made the offer after a “lot of thought”.

Although Nortel was considering the offer it now seems there could be a spanner in the works in the shape of RIM. .