RIM boss denies he is happy

RIM’s CEO Thorsten Heins has backtracked on earlier reports that he thinks that everything is going great at the troubled mobile phone maker.

We can see how the press is a bit confused about Heins mood. In an opinion piece in the Globe and Mail he insisted that the new BlackBerrys would “empower people as never before.”

However it appears after the weekend Heins is not feeling so cheery.

In an interview with CIO he said that he was not pleased with where his company stands. He said that no one could be happy and satisfied with where RIM was.

Well, that is not quite true. We are sure Tim Cook, Steve Ballmer and everyone at Google is really happy and satisified.

It does seem that he has remembered his company’s shares are down nearly 74 percent due to plummeting BlackBerry sales and he has had to bring in major job cuts. Oh, and his only chance of saving the company the BlackBerry 10 has been pushed back to next year.

Heins said that the delay was a necessary evil and while he is hacked off with the way things are at RIM, he’s satisfied knowing his company now has “a path to the future with.”

It is not clear if the path will lead to success or over the edge of a cliff, but you can never tell with metaphorical paths.

He said that having a full touch device and the QWERTY coming, will reinstall people’s faith in RIM. Heins believes he will not lose by not having the phone in the shops in Christmas because Q4 is mostly a prepaid quarter anyway.