RIM, Apple get probed after Kodak complaint

In mid-January Kodak filed two lawsuits against Research in Motion (RIM) and Apple, alleging the phone firms infringed on a digital image patent it owns.

At the time, Kodak also said it had complained to the US International Trade Commission (ITC) to stop infringing products being imported into the USA.

Now the ITC has confirmed that it has started a probe following the Kodak complaint. The complaint is under the Tariff Act of 1930, and if Kodak’s whinge is upheld, some Blackberrys and iPhones won’t be allowed to be imported into the USA.

It is a little odd that Apple and RIM seem prepared to take on a giant like Eastman Kodak. Lately it has been pursuing its IP claims against other big firms with some vigour, and settled with Samsung and LG.

No doubt the lawyers at Apple and RIM and Kodak will huddle together and eventually big sums of money and agreements will be thrashed out. Apple recently poached a top lawyer from chip giant Intel.

Pictured here is something that Kodak used to make loads of money from – camera film. Most agree that Kodak missed the boat on the digital camera front when it should have been way ahead in the game.