Retailers: Apple ahead in Christmas tablet sales

Consumers are splashing out on expensive technology such as Apple’s iPad, some major retailers have confirmed to TechEye.

Apple is still leading the way for Christmas presents with the iPad and MacBook pushing sales for many big companies – dwarfing the likes of Intel’s Ultrabooks, which have had a well publicised hard time.  

One large retailer said, speaking with TechEye: “As much as it pains me to say this, we’re seeing alot of sales around Apple. This is especially prevalent in the laptop and tablet markets. Unfortunately it’s still the same story for Ultrabooks, which just aren’t shifting.”

However, more reasonably priced items had also seen a jump over the festive period, including the Google Nexus line, which was a close second to Apple’s offerings.  

Another attraction for an iPad alternative is in buying for a younger audience. Another, separate retailer said that there are plenty of people who “are looking for a tablet for younger teens and don’t want to risk buying them a top of the range item”.

One of the reasons why Apple’s offerings have proven to be so popular, could be as a result of these products keeping their value. A top retailer told us despite seeing high sales in the electrical sector, many people were sitting tight. That said,  “iPads and Macs are flying off the shelves, but despite a small growth other brands are behind”.

Although the supply of Apple gear is traditionally tight at launch, we have heard from some retailers that enough stock has been ordered in anticipation for the Apple “rush” that it’s likely buyers will be “safe even up until Christmas eve”.