Republican steals Google’s typeface

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 11.28.22 AMThe US senatorial race might end up seeing some Google on Googe court case action.

Sue Googe (centre) is a 2016 Republican candidate who hopes to represent the 4th Congressional District of North Carolina in United States Congress. Also, her surname looks like the Google logo — especially as it’s written on her campaign signs, which use a font that’s identical to Google’s bespoke sans-serif typeface.

This was Google’s logo as of its September 2015 redesign. It looks like Googe is the Google logo with the “l” removed.

It appears that she might have lifted the Google logo to give her political campaign a certain familiarity.  But what is interesting is if her campaign will have to see off a writ or two from the search engine’s mighty briefs. It could mean her having to redo all her printing and leaflets.

The world is waiting for a quote from Google.