RedMonks crown JavaScript king

8618453583_80b765a28dUK Analyst outfit RedMonk just added up the numbers and divided by its shoe size and worked out that JavaScript is the most popular programming language followed by Java and PHP.

This has been unchanged now for six months, but one of the biggest surprises is the “performance of programming languages relative to one another on GitHub and Stack Overflow”.

Here is RedMonk’s top 10

1. JavaScript

2. Java

3. PHP

4. Python

5. C#

5. C++

5. Ruby

8. CSS

9. C

10. Objective-C

Writing in his bog  [shurely cell.ed]  RedMonk analyst Stephen O’Grady said that the positions have solidified and it will take a serious push—or crisis—to significantly alter the dynamics of the top tier absent minor and statistically irrelevant drifts from quarter to quarter.

O’Grady thinks this is due to “a predictable period of consolidation” in development tools.  Farther down the list, though, RedMonk’s rankings do show at least a bit of movement since January. Here’s the second half of RedMonk’s top 20 (note the tie for the 20th position, which actually pushes the list to include the top 21):

11. Shell

12. R

13. Perl

14. Scala

15. Go

16. Haskell

17. Swift

18. Matlab

19. Visual Basic

20. Clojure

20. Groovy

R has jumped ahead of Perl into the 12 spot, following Microsoft’s acquisition of Revolution Analytics. And Visual Basic owns the number 19 position.