Redfaced Apple admits advertising lie

Apple has admitted lying to its Aussie fanboy base by telling them that the new iPad runs on 4G.

One of the few reasons for someone to buy the new iPad, instead of keeping their old one or saving the money, was the promise of 4G technology. Indeed Apple made much of this promise in its advertising.

While Australia does have a 4G network available, the iPad does not work on any of them and any users would have to travel to the US to use it properly. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission ruled that the advertisement was not “fair dinkum” and accused Jobs’ Mob of misleading advertising.

It demanded that that Apple correct its ads, refund any affected buyers and impose penalties.

According to Reuters, Apple barrister Paul Anastassiou told the Federal Court in Melbourne that the company would send emails to all Australian buyers to date, offering the refund.

Of course once the person has bought an iPad, and got rid of their old one, they really have to turn down the refund and keep the existing one, so Apple is not likely to lose much dosh on it.

However, it does mean that Apple users should look very carefully at Jobs’ Mob promises in the future.