Red faced Intuit fixes its cloud

Cloud based financial software outfit had a day of doom yesterday with most of its customers unable to use its internet based financial systems.

Intuit said that the company has restored service to its network of sites, ending a bad day and a half for  SMB who were on its cloud.

TurboTax Online, QuickBooks Online, Quicken and QuickBase are now back online although in some isolated cases, customers may need to refresh their browsers to connect.

Ginny Lee, the company’s chief information officer, said the network of sites had gone down about 7 PM on Tuesday night, and a representative confirmed that they were restored at about 10:45 AM on Thursday, or more than a day and a half later.

An Intuit spokeswoman said it was investigating “restitution” for the legions of small businesses affected by the outage.

While cloud based services are supposed to be more secure, reliable and cheap, the Intuit problems highlight the difficulties in using them.

Lee said that the outage was the result of an accident and it .occurred during routine maintenance and affected both our primary and backup systems.

She said that the investigation will continue, so we can determine the right steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

It seems that to many of Intuit’s SMB punters it must have seemed like they had put all their eggs in one basket. While they might have their computer systems fail less than they would if they were stored on an onsite server, if they do fail, it is a mess.