Razer boss slices rivals about poor PC design

Min-Liang Tan, the outspoken CEO of Razer has blamed bad managers for the decline of the PC industry.

Talking to the Verge, Tan said that people have been keen to talk about the death of the PC recently. But the PC is not being trampled to death by the consumer – it is suffering from awful decisions by the PC makers themselves.

Of course, he says Razer’s Blade laptop lineup is an example of the sort of innovative products that HP, Dell, and other major computer companies aren’t producing.

Last week the outfit updated its Blade laptop line refreshing its 17-inch model and adding a 14-inch laptop.

Tan said that it’s been a long time since anyone’s been passionate about a PC. HP’s done a horrible job with it and so has Dell.

He thinks that companies don’t want to do anything with the PC anymore. HP tried to get rid of its PC division and Dell decided it was an enterprise company instead.

Tan said that Razer, a company known mostly for gaming mice and keyboards, is finding an opportunity to enter the PC market and it is doing rather well, he claimed.

Tan said that the company cannot make enough Blade laptops and Edge tablets fast enough to meet demand. He is not saying the exact numbers, but we will have to take his word for it.

He claims that people want phones and tablets, but they still want PCs too. What consumers don’t want, however, are the sorts of computers HP, Dell, and other major players are putting out.

Tan admits that it makes no sense that a small outfit like his should be pushing the envelope.

Apple too, which did an incredible job in terms of industrial design, dropped the ball when it moved out of the 17-inch space. This move gave Razer an increase in orders from developers for its 17-inch Blade laptop now called the Blade Pro, Tan said.