Rambus gets ready to fill its pockets with MEMS patents

Patent outfit Rambus does not seem to think it has enough patents to scare the bejesus out of the IT industry.

After nearly everyone in the industry has had to pay something to the outfit to make its team of m’learned friends go away, it seems that Rambus has decided to splash out on some more patents.

After all, if you don’t have patents, you don’t have anything to get cash for. Who knows, you might even have to do something drastic like invent something and add to the collective knowledge of humanity.

Rambus has managed to buy up a lighting and display portfolio of patents and technology from privately held Imagine Designs. These cover technology for general lighting, LCD backlighting, and microelectromechanical system (MEMS) displays.

Imagine Designs’ founder and principal inventor Brian Richardson will join Rambus as a technical director in the Lighting and Display Technology business.

Jeff Parker, who is called the president of Lighting and Display Technology at Rambus which we guess might be a new post, said that this patent complements Rambus’s portfolio of leading-edge technology.

He said that this will allow Rambus to provide “a wider range of solutions to our customers for their next-generation LED based lighting and display products.” Not that Rambus makes any “solutions”. What it does is flogs bits of paper that allows others to make things. This is a lot cheaper.

We guess that there will be a large number of telly and other display makers who are awaiting a letter from Rambus’s lawyers.