Rambus buys lighting and display patents

Intellectual property company Rambus said it has paid $2.25 million for a portfolio of display and backlighting patents.

Rambus is better known for its patents on memory technology.

The company bought patents relating to dynamic backlighting, field sequential colour displays and Time Multiplexed Optical Shutter (TMOS) display tech from a company called Uni-Pixel.

Further, Rambus has contracted an engineering services agreement with Uni-Pixel to collaborate and develop technology.

Rambus describes TMOS technology as providing LCD panel makers the ability to make better displays by reducing costs and improving performance. It claimed TMOS can lower the bill of materials and manufacturing costs by between 40 to 60 percent.

The CEO of Uni-Pixel, Reed Killion, said that the alignment with Rambus will bring business and technical advantages to the manufacturer of advanced micro-optics, such as its own MicroLens technology.

Rambus said that its goal is to increase the performance and cost effectiveness of displays using dynamic backlighting, field sequential colour, and TMOS technology.

No doubt the LCD giants in the business will be pondering what the implications of this Rambus move are.