Rambus buries patent hatchet with Freescale

Rambus has made a licensing deal with Freescale, which means the semiconductor company can use some of Rambus’s many patents for memory controllers and serial links in its logic integrated circuit (IC) products.

By spending the cash, Freescale also seems to have bought its way out of lawsuit action, with the pair announcing that they have decided to play nicely and settle all claims between them.

This includes Freescale’s claimed past use of Rambus’ patents.

The new deal means Freescale will get five years of the patent licence agreement, but Rambus is keeping its cards close to its chest refusing to disclose any more information.  

This act of kindness is a rarity for the company, which is well known for raising havoc over alleged patent infringements. It has sued IBM, Nvidia, Broadcom, Freescale, Samsung, LSI, Mediatek, and ST Microelectronics to name a few.

Last month it moved further pave the way for patent infringement claims by buying privately-held Cryptography Research, a security technology company.

The deal, worth $342.5 million, means it could continue to charge heavy loads of dosh to companies who need licensing agreements. And it has the option to sue those who it believes are using them without coughing up.

Last week it was reported that an American appeals court would be asked to revisit recent patent rulings involving the company, after it was found that it shredded hundreds of boxes of documents relevant in two patent infringement lawsuits it filed.

The documents related to the case between Rambus and Hynix Semiconductor, which netted the troll $350 million, and Micron.

Talk about destroying the evidence.