Queue forms to squeeze Blackberry

Now the word is out, there’s apparently a queue to buy troubled Canadian mobile outfit Blackberry.

Cisco, Google and SAP have been seen snuffling around corporate HQ looking for bargains and measuring the curtains.

Reuters’ deepthroats have said that the three are interested in buying all or parts of Blackberry.

Until now it had been assumed that a group, led by BlackBerry’s biggest shareholder, Fairfax Financial Holdings, would get the nod to take the company private for $4.7 billion.

That bid which has faced some skepticism because analysts can’t work out where the money is coming from and suspect that Fairfax is out on the street busking with a dog on a string.

Other interest has come from Intel, LG and Samsung. It is expected that, while the phones themselves have been written off as lemons, BlackBerry’s secure server network and patent portfolio is worth a fair bit.

There will not be much left of Blackberry’s $2 billion cash pile in the coming years, analysts warn.

Another financial group which has shown interest is Cerberus Capital Management. This would be appropriate, as Blackberry is half way to the underworld already.