Queens of Tech rejected in California vote

The former CEO of Ebay and the former CEO of Hewlett Packard – both running on Republican tickets – saw their ambitions dashed last night as Californian voters rejected their attempts to scale the greasy political pole.

Meg Whitman, who reportedly splashed $160 million of her own cash in a bid to win political office, was beaten by Democrat Jerry Brown in the race to be governor of California.

And Carly “Winsome” Fiorina failed to depose Barbara Boxer in a race for the US Senate. She is also estimated to have spent many millions of her “hard earned cash” in a bid to win high political office.

The prospect of voting in techie princesses to high office obviously proved too much for the voters of California.

Voters in California also decided against candidate Wacky Backy. It had been proposed that marijuana, in small amounts, and the growing of small numbers of hemp plants in the back yard be legalised.  That proposition, was rejected. So Whitman and Fiorina have found themselves in the same position as the incense of the Queen of Heaven.