Qubulus proposes internal Feng Shui for smartphones

The very nice chap from Qubulus, Frank Schuil, is speaking about QPS,  a way for smartphones to work properly inside buildings. This session is devoted to entreprenurs with interesting products. Interesting products are good.

It has several products in the market – it sells Gecko, LocLizard API and next year will launch Q-Analytics – the idea of all of these products is to let everyone’s phones work inside malls and hospitals and the like. He wants every smartphone to be connected by 2020, and is talking to chipset manufacturers and vendors.

It will launch an analytics product – Q Analytics – next year.  It bought patents in June 2010 from Telia Sonera.  

Qubulus, he said, has customers including banks and will leverage existing infrastructure. He appears to believe that the patents from Telia Sonera won’t be challenged. Qubulus is looking for a second round of funding. Qubulus is here.

Timo Poijarvi, CEO of Hitlantis, attempted to get the audience moving by talking about Cognitive Maps Ltd and playing some funky music.  People browse content visually and with their hands. Why are there tiny little text boxes – it’s a lunatic system that doesn’t work very well. Even Google has one of these tiny boxes. He said that you can’t listen or buy things you can’t find. Go to www.hitlantis.com which has a map like interface with a heap of interconnected bubbles. For music the bubbles are of different colours depending on whether it’s rock, classical or whatever.

The business model includes premium subscriptions and music sales royalties. Right now it’s available in Spain, the USA, South Korea and Finland.

The firm will launch Gamelantis and Booklantis pretty soon now. The former will be for global games and yeah Booklantis, well you get the idea. He’s anticipating big big profits by 2014 and will have 10 to 15 different patents by the end of next year. Cognitive Maps wants funding of an extra four million Euro to set up more international markets.

He said round bubbles are nice. People like round bubbles.