Quanta meditates on Indian move

15-days-yoga-meditation-and-trekking-retreat-in-the-indian-himalayasQuanta is considering establishing a manufacturing base in India, in another sign that all is not well for electronics outfits operating looking behind the Bamboo Curtain to provide them with cheap labour.

Quanta vice-chairman C.C. Leung said the company was gathering materials for evaluation and looking into it.

Quanta’s rival Hon Hai Precision Industry, announced that it was investing billions of dollars into establishing 10 to 12 facilities in India by 2020.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sought to reboot manufacturing to boost growth and employment but it is yet to rival China, particularly in technology where most factories will likely be assembly units.

Leung said the company has no specific investment plans at present. He said that there are a number of considerations that must be taken into account when evaluating India’s suitability for manufacturing.

It depends on convenient transportation and access to ports and getting the whole tech supply chain working.

The company said that its PC shipment volume and revenue contribution from PCs should remain about the same this year as last year, despite a 6.2 percent drop in shipments industry-wide predicted by market watchers IDC.