Qualcomm to spend $2 billion on giant Mirasol 4.5G display plant

Qualcomm has announced plans to invest a total of $2 billion to set up a 4.5G production plant for Mirasol displays at the Longtan site of Central Taiwan Science Park (CTSP).

The Mirasol display is a MEMS device with fast response time, and it can be used not only in e-book readers but also other multimedia applications.

According to The Digitimes, which gained the information through “market sources”, equipment installation is scheduled to begin in October 2011with volume production commencing at the beginning of 2012. This will be mainly for 5.7-inch colour applications, the sources said.

Qualcomm has apparently already delivered samples of its 5.7-inch Mirasol displays to clients to get feedback, and a major client has already started the design-in process.

And according to the market, although Qualcomm is the sole investor in the new plant project, the company hopes to expand Mirasol’s market through licensing.

Qualcomm already has a 4.5G Mirasol display production joint venture (JV) with Foxlink in Longtan, which successfully produced 5.7-inch color Mirasol displays in April 2010.

And while Qualcomm moves into the ginormous business park in Taiwan, AU Optronics and Wistron have been getting together over a coffee or two and have decided they’ll start a joint venture of TFT LCD module production at the Zhongshan Torch plant in Guandong, China.

AU Optronics will be borrowing, er, allying with Wistron to bang out kit at the Wirstron Optical Campus. AUO will have the majority share, but only just, with a 51 percent hold to Wistron’s 49 percent. For now, the venture is going to be called Zhongshan BriVision Optronics Coproration.

Wistron and AUO will need the investment to be approved by a further few authorities. AUO is hoping to up its presence of module plants in China while we imagine Wistron will benefit from AUO’s huge(r) client base. The approved establishment of the joint venture will have registered capital of no more than US $10 million.