Qualcomm to annoy Intel with German expansion

American chipmaker Qualcomm, fabless powerhouse behind the Snapdragon family of processors, is considering a move into Europe, particularly Germany where it will step on Infineon’s toes.

Qualcomm Europe president Andrew Gilbert said in an interview with Sueddeutsche Zeitung, reports Reuters, that “Germany is the biggest telecommunications market in Europe and therefore it is very important to us.”  He also confessed that while he and Qualcomm are keen on organic growth, acquisitions won’t be out of the question either.

Speaking about Intel’s Infineon buy, he said it proves wireless and telecoms has one of its biggest bases in Germany: “The acquisition proves we are on the right track with our strategy,” he said. 
An increased presence in Germany, and indeed Europe, may shake Intel. Intel’s relative poor luck in swamping the smartphone market with its chips – compared to the success of Qualcomm and ARM – will not be helped by a regional focus from the Snapdragon maker.

The Infineon buy was a bid to infiltrate wireless but currently smartphones are dominated by chips it has nothing to do with, and has admitted are really rather good.  Reports earlier this year suggested that Apple has had a falling out with Intel, and plans for the iPhone and iPad successors to sport Qualcomm technology.