Qualcomm chucks cash at Anteryon's WaferOptics

Qualcomm, snappiest dragon and maker of fabless chips, has today announced that it will be investing in Anteryon, Dutch maker of wafer-based optical and laser projection kit for mobile technology.

The investment will come as part of Qualcomm Ventures Europe, its project that casts an eye over the region and throws cash at technology upstarts doing well in the markets. It is said that the investment funds will be used to increase its WaferOptics optical technology  line. The dough will also help Anteryon expand its Asia production facility.

According to Anteryon, WaferOptics means high volume production of optics using 8 inch wafer level packaging. 

WaferOptics allows micro-optics for miniature cameras and laser projection modules to be banged-out at factories high speed while also promising on cost saving. Anteryon has factories in Eindhoven and China that knock out millions of WaferOptics lens stacks a month at what it says is an extremely high yield.  

Anteryon used to be the optics division of Philips before it was bought out by private investors back in 2006.