Q3 notebook shipments to fall sharply

Dell logoTaiwan accounts for 81.6 percent of the notebooks that ship worldwide and it appears that the downward trend of sales will continue throughout this year.

The prediction comes in the wake of results from CPU manufacturers Intel and AMD this week, and certainly means that other component suppliers are feeling the squeeze.

Digitimes Research (DR) predicts that over 32 million notebooks will ship during the third calendar quarter – that’s down by 12.2 percent on the same calendar quarter last year.

The third quarter was traditionally a buoyant period for notebook sales, but that pattern seems to have been disrupted.

DR said that of the 32 million shipping, HP will be the biggest customer responsible for a quarter of shipments, Dell 17 percent, Apple 14.3 percent, Asustek 11.2 percent, Acer 10.9 percent, Lenovo 10.6 percent and Toshiba 4.4 percent.

The biggest original design manufacturer (ODM) will be Quanta, then Compal, Wistron, Pegatron and Inventec. Of these, Quanta and Compal have 32.8 percent and 31.9 percent of the ODM market, said Digitimes Research.