Psion rebrands itself

Psion used to make great products, but now it seems the only thing it’s generating is press releases meaning its marketing staff are probably getting more than its designers.

We’ve today received one of these informing us that the company is shortening its operating name and will be removing the Teklogix bit, which it says will “create a more effective global brand”.

Psion’s corporate identity has also been overhauled, which the company claims will mean that it will now “work better in the digital world.” The company also claims that the rebranding shows that it is moving to build its future business strategy.

And like any great press release there’s some nice bit of waffle from the CEO.
“Our research showed that we had to remove the word “Teklogix” from our name, to unite the business around one, clear, global identity,” said John Conoley, CEO of Psion.

“We found that the complexity of the dual company name was impacting our business by confusing our customers, resellers and other key stakeholders, especially in new markets for Psion. We also took the opportunity to refresh the brand to make it properly mirror our business strategy and to work better in the digital world,” he added.

And of course the marketing guys had to get in there too. “The new corporate identity now brings to life the company’s focus on open innovation, modularity and customisation, and correctly positions Psion in the era of Web 2.0,” said Nick Eades, Chief Marketing Officer of Psion.

“Work began on the new corporate identity in 2009 and the full programme will be completed by the end of the third quarter of 2011. We’re primarily executing this brand refresh in the digital domain, which is far more efficient and manageable than traditional methods.”