PS3 hacker's ISP tries to quash subpoena

Hacker George Hotz has found an unexpected ally in his legal war against Sony.

Sony is suing him for writing and distributing the first hack of the PS3 and managed to get an injunction ordering him to turn over all his Paypal account details and emails.

However the web host to a PlayStation online forum moved on Thursday to quash the injunction.

SoftLayer Technologies, which counts among its hosted sites, is objecting to a records demand seeking server logs and other information related to Hotz.

SoftLayer is the only company so far to object to subpoenas in the Hotz case.

The SoftLayer subpoena demands “documents reproducing all server logs, IP address logs, account information, account access records, and application or registration forms” (.pdf) connected to Hotz’s account.

Sony wants those logs, and a record of all of his postings, to determine whether Hotz had logged in from San Francisco area while talking about or posting his hack.

This is so that Sony can get the case tried in San Francisco rather than the less convenient New Jersey.

SoftLayer said that it objects to the subpoena on grounds that, among other things, it requires “disclosure of protected matter and does not allow it reasonable time to comply”.