Proview convinces court to seize Apple's iPad

Proview Shenzhen, the company which insisted that Apple’s iPad infringed on its own trademark and not the other way around, has convinced Shijiazhuang investigators to seize iPad 2s from the shelves.

Late last year, Apple suits were telling Proview that it was most certainly in the wrong and needed to bow down and admit defeat – the iPad was Apple’s trademark. Unfortunately for Apple, its reality distortion field was out of charge and Proview showed the Intermediate People’s Court in Shenzhen, China a lawfully registered trademark for iPad back in 2000. 

As TechEye commenter rich the engineer said at the time: “Communists are never impressed with religious arguments” and the courts chucked the book at Apple. Proview’s argument was that, although Apple had bought the rights to the iPad trademark from an affiliated company in Taiwan, Proview could still use the name on its home turf.

Gao Wei, of the inspection team, told the Chinese press: “We are now combing the sales records of the Apple stores where we confiscated the iPads”.

Now, according to the Telegraph, a two-day probe saw 45 of Apple’s iPad 2s taken off the shelves. Apple stores will have to face a mystery fine.