Press creates more Paul Allen than is actually there

We have had a bell from Microsoft founder Paul Allen’s people who said that the great man appears to be a bit miffed about a yarn we quoted from the Times of India earlier today .

It quoted a portion of his biography, which we have not seen yet, in which the great man recounted a spat between him and Microsoft king of the world Sir William Gates III.

According to the Times of India, which apparently was based on an article from Business Insider, which had copied it from the weekend’s review of the book in the NY Times which had read “Idea Man”.

According to Insider,  Allen wanted to invest in the internet giant AOL but Gates wanted to get his Volish claws into AOL and crush the rival and scatter its ashes like dust in the wind.

According to Allen’s people, the book does not quite say that and Allen did invest in AOL. The point of the story, and the way the Times told it, was that Allen had invested in AOL. Gates talked him into flogging the lot claiming that Vole was going to crush the Internet upstart.

Of course AOL went on to making piles of dosh and Allen was out of pocket.

What has been happening that there have been all sorts of things leaked from the book and made into news stories, the press has gone into a media frenzy. The only problem appears that with so much of the good stuff already out there, the media is starting to make up plausible ones. Either that or Business Insider was not paying attention, and Times of India just picked it up. Business Insider has just corrected things too.

Next week we expect to run a story about how Allen and Gates battled it out across the streets of Tokyo as the Japanese military looked on powerless. Such things happen on the Internet.