Pop-under man finds himself in dock

The US man who made a name for himself as the President of an internet advertising outfit which drove people spare has been arrested for allegedly killing two graduating High School kids.

It turns out that 50-year-old Alexander Peder from Kirkland was the CEO of X10,  the outfit which nine years ago bought pop under adverts to an unwilling world

X10 President Alex Peder’s defence of the annoying adverts was that a few years ago, the standard 468×60 ‘rectangle’ ads at the top of Web sites were very new.

“Many people were uncomfortable with these ads but with time, people got used to the ads,” it read. “X10.com is simply using a new form of advertising. Please try to understand that this type of advertising is what keeps the Internet enjoyable as it pays for operational costs behind the sites you enjoy visiting for free.”

At the time other people were describing the pop-unders like “drive by shootings” .

Now the media is all over Peder after the SUV which he was driving ploughed into the back of a car that was driven by two sober and potentially successful teens.

Peder has two previous convictions for drink driving and there was a half drunk bottle of something with spirit in the car beside him, coppers allege.