Playstation ganboys claim conspiracy

Playstation has its own share of militant fanboys who are having a religious crisis about the release of the buggy Playstation 4.

Reports came in, soon after the PS4’s release that the gismo was overheating. Since this was exactly the same issue that the early Xbox faced, and the sort of thing that Playstation fanboys gleefully hassled their Microsoft rivals over, it was vital to find a scapegoat which was not Sony.

So what is happening on the interwebs is a fully fledged tin-foil hat conspiracy theory which absolves Sony of responsibly while putting the blame on China.

The claim is that the PS4 was deliberately sabotaged on the assembly line.

The basis of this conspiracy theory was a post on 4Chan in which the writer claimed to have seen another post where a Chinese person posted that they had put a trace amount of lead in the thermal paste of the “PheonixStation 4 (sic).

The alleged post, which has so far not turned up, said this will mean heat will not dissipate quick enough for standby mode when the fans are programmed to a low RPM, and this will degrade the life of the CPU/GPU dramatically and also raise temps during operating by a few degrees more than normal.

It is a brilliant tin-foil hat idea because it would not show up in QA shotgun tests of consoles as they are built, as the individual systems would need to be tested for more than an hour to notice a difference in temperatures.

Lead would dissolve the silver in the compound. This would essentially dry out the thermal paste faster than usual and result in the hardware overheating.

Like most conspiracy theories, it looks good until you think about it. You also have to answer the question “who benefits?” Since the answer there is “Microsoft” the fanboy conspiracy nuts are effectively saying that Vole sabotaged Foxconn’s assembly lines on the new PS4.

In all Microsoft’s history it has never once been accused of sabotage, and we would have thought that there would have been better cases to play that particular card, particularly if it had agents in Foxconn.

Just like conspiracy theories over the assassination of Kennedy exist because no one can believe that a lone gunman could have ended Camelot, it looks like this one exists because fanboys cannot believe that Sony made a piece of junk.

Disclaimer: TechEye was once outed as a nest of lizards on a David Icke website.